COM-2 High-strength phenolic cloth

  • COM-2 High-strength phenolic cloth

COM-2 high-strength phenolic cloth has a high mechanical strength, good temperature resistance and excellent friction and wear properties.

COM - 2 High-strength fabric phenolic

High-strength fabric phenolic

fabric phenolic

MATERIAL INTRODUCTION 01    COM-2 is high-strength laminated material is made of solute phenolic resin containing homogenously
dispersed graphite and high-quality cotton fiber and finally finished with heat solidifying process under
certain pressure and temperature.

02    This material is featured in its high mechanical strength, excellent abrasion resistance and excellent
temperature resistance, ability to sustain strong vibration under semi-static state, ability to sustain
impact loads and slight torque loads. It can work under conditions where oil is little or even with no
oil at all.

03    It is applied to the production of bushings for the pillars of hydraulic machines as well as guiding
sleeves for the vertical pillars of forging presses and spherical bearings.



It could be used in ball valves and butterfly valve bushings、plastic mechanical guide sleeves、 bushings used in water conservative projects、guide sleeves for the vertical pillar of hydraulic machineries and forging press 、bushings for the supporting frames of engineering machineries and pivot axles for vehicles and marine engineering equipment spherical bearings and marine bearing materials.