PTC ASIA 2016 - Power Trasmission and Control Exhibitor

I am Susan Shi from Hunan Jintai Hardware And Machinery Co.,Ltd, we attend PTC exhibition in this year, meet many clients and some are give deep impression for me.   1) Michel from Canada - No business and we just has few emails for

What is the crankshaft bending deformation test?

  What is the crankshaft bending deformation test? A: crankshaft bending deformation, the work surface of the cylinder that occurs partial grinding, connecting rod small head copper sleeve and connecting rod lining bearing steel sleeve overheating and early wear,

GCr15 steel bearing ring quenching quality of the process

The defect in the common one, bearing ring quenching cooling process Oil bearing parts are widely used as a quenching medium, the main reason for GCr15 steel bushing is the third stage of the process of oil in the cooling phase (convection) special slow cooling rate.

Oil Bearing Lubricating Character

Taken the excellent yield efficiency: excellent low rev jiashan no oil bearing dynamic torque and operation is extremely low friction torque characteristics, make it easier for micro motor bearing operation light and smooth operation, significantly reduce the energy

Linear bushing little common sense

Linear bearing is a kind of linear motion system, produce with low cost for unlimited travel cooperation using copper bushing with the cylindrical shaft. Because in point contact ball bearing with axis, so the applied load is small. Steel ball with minimal friction

Self Lubricating Bearing Key Technical Principle

Mosaic self-lubricating bearings used in composite materials is a new anti-extreme pressure solid lubricating materials, metal substrates and embedded in the substrate hole or groove in the composition of solid lubricant paste. In the friction process of the metal

What is maintenance-free bearings

Maintenance-free bearings generally refers to the self-lubricating bearings, suitable for self-lubricating bearing in the low-load, lubrication difficult occasions! From installation to failure without maintenance can be long copper manufacturers stable working period of