Sliding bearing main fault

Sliding bearing on the job as a result of the journal and bearing contact will produce friction, surface cause fever, even "killed", so in the design of the bearing, should choose sliding bearing materials with good sex of anti-friction bearings, suitable lubricant and adopt

conditions of use

Bearing is mainly used in the elevator traction machine, engineering machinery, metal rolling equipment, paper making machinery, construction materials industry, industrial washing equipment, wind power spindle, scraping machine in coal mine hoist, textile machinery, cement,


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Our company adopts the most advanced technology, testing every bearing.We believes that good basic condition of equipment is to ensure that the product quality.So on the equipment investment, has always been at any cost.Ring bearing car currently has basically realized the


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Our company design all kinds of bearings including sliding bearings,palin bearing spherical bearing,DU PTFE composit bushing, DX POM composite bushing,bimetal bushing,wrapped bronze bushing, cast sliding bushings and wear plate bearing pad, sintered bronze bushing and sintering