What kind of material is better for the bow shaft bushing?

     The hull shaft bushings produced by Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co., Ltd. have been approved and used by many shipbuilding and maintenance companies. The copper bushings of the bow shaft bushings have very high requirements on the composition of copper

What kind of material is used for the gland on the stone mill?

       The self-lubricating graphite copper sleeve is very suitable for use on the marble mill. Compared with the ordinary copper sleeve products, the self-lubricating graphite copper sleeve can better adapt to the harsh working environment, high load bearing,

How to choose the bearing bush and material of the ring mill

       The grinding ring machine has high working temperature, poor lubrication conditions and difficult maintenance. The ordinary copper bushings or bushes have poor lubrication at high temperatures, and are prone to seizure or wear; in order to meet the

Material selection for the forging press slider and bushing

In order to meet the requirements of the forging manipulator manufacturer for the use of rotating parts and life requirements, our company recommends customers to use self-lubricating graphite copper sleeves and embedded graphite slider products; forging operation machine

2018 AUTOmechanika Frankfurt Exhibition Asia Shanghai

Date: 28 Nov.-1 Dec.,2018 Address: Shanghai National Covention Center Booth Number: 8.2E63 Company: Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd. Product: slide bearing , Ball Transfer Units , Ball Roller Bearing , Conveyor

2018 PTC Power Transmission and Control Exhibition

Time: 2018.11.06-2018.11.09 Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Booth number: E2K7. Company: Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd. Main Product: slide bearing , Ball Transfer Units , Ball Roller Bearing ,

Which material is better for large hoist copper sleeves?

Bushings on large hoists Due to the working environment, etc., the copper bushings used need special requirements. According to different requirements, our company produces high-strength brass self-lubricating copper bushings, which can be significant. Improve its

Selection and processing of copper sleeve fittings on valves

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various graphite copper sleeves. It produces a wide range of graphite copper sleeves. It currently serves more than 20 domestic and international machinery industries and more than 300

2018 China International Bearing and Industry Exhibition

Date: 19 Sep.-22 Sep,2018. Booth Number: Hall 3, 3H3139.   Address: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center,China Asia. (No. 1099, guozhan road, pudong new district, Shanghai.near the west side of the expo axis.) Company: Hunan Jintai