Jintai Export JF Bimetal Bearing to Germany

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd.Export AlSn20Cu Bushing,Bimetal Bearing Bush,JF bimetal bearing to Germany.Particularly suitable for engine camshafts, air compressors, refrigerator sleeves,etc.We can custom different types and materials of bearing bushings,accroding to clients requirement.welcome new and old customers to call, email us!
Products: JF Bimetal bearings,AlSn20Cu bearing,bimetal bushing,bimetal oil bearing
Types: Bimetal Bearing Bush
material: Steel+Alloy stage ( AlSn20Cu ) bushing
Size: 16x18x20mm
Quantity: 5000pcs
Country: Germany
Advantage: Good wear resistance, no heat, not biting the shaft, etc.
Particularly suitable for engine camshafts, air compressors, refrigerator sleeves,etc.

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer on various kind of bearings in China for over 15 years.We are making all kinds of sliding bearings including ,wrapped bronze bushing,DX POM composite bushing,spherical plain bearing,bimetal bearing,ball transfer units ball bearing,cast bronze bearings,guide slide bearing,DU bushings,SF bushings, and wear plate bearing pad, sintered bronze bushing and sintering parts, graphite bearing, etc.

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