Jdb Solid Lubricating Bearing Maintenance-Free bearings With lubricating Plugs

SelF-lubricating maintenance-Free bearings For heavy duties

Maintenance-free bearings with lubricating plugs are suitable for heavy loads, high temperatures, vibrations and for use in corrosive environments.

By using CuAI10Ni with special lubricating plugs, this plain bearing can also be used in applications with salt water.



Essential advantages of maintenance-free bearings with lubricating plugs are:

• Suitable for corrosive environments

• High load

• Maintenance-free

• Suitable for impact loads and vibrations

• Suitable for high temperatures



The maintenance-free bearings with lubricating plugs are made from CuZn25Al5 and have a pattern of lubricating plugs.

CuZn25Al5 is brass that has copper and zinc as its basis and is a construction material characterized by a high static load capability.

As well as CuZn25Al5 there are many other alloys suitable for both the bearing and the lubricating plugs.



Maintenance-free bearings with lubricating plugs are most suitable for applications involving a high loading and requiring maintenance-free operation.

Common applications are:

• Flood/lock gates

• Offshore

• Iron and steel industry

• Furnace construction

• Mold construction



Maintenance-free bearings with lubricating plugs are provided with fixed lubricating plugs as standard.

Additional lubrication is recommended for very low or very high speeds.


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