Engineering plastic bearing and metal composite bearing difference

The bearings currently used can be generally divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings; the working principle of the rolling bearing and the sliding bearing can be distinguished by the name. The conflict in the operation of the rolling bearing is a rollover conflict, and the occurrence of the sliding bearing operation is Sliding conflict; the size of the tumbling conflict force depends on the precision of the production; and the composite bearing of the sliding bearing conflicting force depends mainly on the sliding surface of the bearing. The sliding bearing generally has a self-smoothing function; the sliding bearing is classified into a non-metallic sliding bearing and a metal sliding bearing according to the data;

    Non-metallic sliding bearings are mainly based on plastic bearings. Plastic bearings are generally made of engineering plastics with better functions. Manufacturers with comparative bushings generally have the skills of self-smoothing of engineering plastics, through fibers and special smoothing agents. Glass beads and so on, the engineering plastics are self-smooth and reinforced to make them reach a certain function, and then the modified plastics are injection molded into self-smooth plastic bearings.

    Metal sliding bearings are now the most widely used three-layer composite bearings. These bearings are generally made of carbon steel plate. After sintering, a layer of spherical copper powder is sintered on the steel plate, and then the layer is sintered on the copper powder layer. 0.03mm PTFE smoothing agent; the primary effect of the center layer of spherical copper powder is to strengthen the bonding strength between the steel plate and PTFE, of course, it also plays a certain bearing and smoothing effect during operation.

    After the above clarification, it is not difficult to see that the following differences exist between plastic bearings and metal sliding bearings:

    1. The plastic bearing is smooth and has a long service life. The smooth sliding layer of the metal sliding bearing is only 0.003mm PTFE. When this thin layer is completely conflicted, the end of service life is declared;

    2, the use of plastic bearings will not cause rust and corrosion resistance, while metal bearings are easy to rust and can not be used in chemical fluids;

    3, the quality of plastic bearings is lighter than metal, which is more suitable for modern lightweight planning trends;

    4, the cost of plastic bearing production is lower than that of metal; the plastic bearing is made by injection molding and is suitable for mass production;

    5. The plastic bearing has no noise during operation and has a certain vibration absorption function;

    Because plastic bearings have many advantages over metal sliding bearings, the output value of plastic bearings is expanding day by day. The application of plastic bearings is also constantly expanding. Plastic bearings are used from fitness equipment to office equipment and the car industry. The cars that are now on the road do not use plastic bearings. The market prospects for plastic bearings are infinitely broad!