Metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearing definition range

    Due to the requirements of special production processes, some key equipment of industrial and mining enterprises operate under extremely harsh conditions. Due to the heavy equipment and high ambient temperature, the dust is large or the air contains acidic corrosive gases such as CO and SO2, which brings many problems to the lubrication of the equipment. The friction and wear are serious. As of JDB steel-studded bearings, most of the above-mentioned enterprises in China still It is traditionally lubricated with oil and grease. In fact, these industrial and mining conditions have exceeded the range of oil and grease lubrication. It is prone to bite or seizure of bearings and other friction pairs, causing serious wear and damage of parts. Causes the equipment to be out of service. In order to continuously run JDB cast iron inlaid bearings, in addition to the original design required to install multiple equipment wheel repair, a large number of maintenance personnel must be invested. Seriously limiting the increase in productivity, spare parts and energy consumption, has become an important JDB steel-based inlaid bearing obstacle to the development of production. Automobile manufacturing, cement production, petrochemical and other enterprises have proposed the provision of special lubrication materials under complex working conditions. To this end, the research on inlaid self-lubricating composite materials highlights its own characteristics in material formulation and preparation process, and the material properties have reached the international advanced level, which solves the lubrication problem under special working conditions for enterprises and brings obvious Economic and social benefits. However, due to various reasons, more domestic enterprises have not yet adopted, and the above situation still exists.

The metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearing (JDB for short) is a novel lubricated bearing that combines the characteristics of a metal bearing and the characteristics of a self-lubricating bearing. The metal matrix bears the load, and the specially formulated solid lubricating material acts as a lubrication. It has the characteristics of high load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and strong self-lubricating ability. It is especially suitable for heavy-duty, low-speed, reciprocating or swinging, etc., which is difficult to lubricate and form an oil film. It is also not afraid of water and other acid etching. And scouring. The majority of users generally reflect that the inlaid bearing not only saves fuel and energy, but also has a longer working life than ordinary sliding bearings. At present, the products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines.

    2. Key technical principle: Inlaid self-lubricating composite material is a new type of extreme pressure resistant solid lubricating material, which consists of a metal substrate and a solid lubricant paste embedded in the hole or groove of the substrate. The metal substrate takes up most of the load during the rubbing process. After friction, the solid lubricant in the hole or the groove is transferred or reversely transferred to the friction surface, and a solid transfer film with good lubrication, firm adhesion and uniform coverage is formed on the friction surface, which greatly reduces friction and wear. As the friction progresses, the embedded solid lubricant is continuously supplied to the friction surface, ensuring good lubrication of the friction pair during long-term operation.

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