BPW copper bearing bushing,BPW casting bronze bush

  • BPW copper bearing bushing,BPW casting bronze bush

BPW copper bearing bushing,BPW casting bronze bush

  • Brand   JSB
  • Type   BPW

BPW  copper bearing bushing,BPW casting bronze bush 


  • Introduction

    1.The solid bronze/iron material is ideally suited for highly demanding applications in tough environments. We offer a standard assortment of plain sleeve bushings, flanged bushings and sliding plates in accordance with ISO 4379 and DIN1850. 
    2.The solid bronze body can be drilled holes and filled solid graphite lubricant, in this way it can be used in oilless environments.

    3.Also the solid bronze body can be machined oil grooves and holes, it can get better lubricating after filled with grease.


  • Features and advantages

    1.Insensitive to dirty environment
    2.Resistant to shock loads and vibrations at slow speeds
    3.Enable operation with a poor shaft surface finish
    4.Good resistance to corrosive conditions


  • Material

Solid Bronze bushings and plates are made completely of tin bronze, CuSn10P, which has very good machine ability. All surfaces of the solid bronze bushings are machined.
Solid iron bushings and plates are made in same way of bronze material, but it is much lower costs if you are not in high performance requirements.


  • Examples of applications

    1.Construction machinery
    2.Transport equipment
    3.Pulp and papermaking machinery
    4.Off-shore equipment


  • Specifications:




CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 + Graphite


Cast-iron + Graphite




Tensile Strength



Anti-compact Tenacity






Max Load Pressure



Speed Limit



PV value limit



Friction coef

Oil Lubrication


Dry Friction


Working temperature





  • Types and sizes list:





    4.Sliding plate

  • Plant

  • Production Line

  • Inspection


  • Packings:


graphite plugged bearing
graphite inlaid bushing
oiles bush
oiles bushes
graphite filled bearing
#500 sp oiles bushing
oiles guide bush
oilless guide bushes
oilless slide plate
wear plate
oiles flange bearing
oilless flanged bushing
oilless thrust washer